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Rachel (Kumiko) [userpic]
Hotel Midnight
by Rachel (Kumiko) (wolverine_wench)
at August 4th, 2005 (08:19 am)

current mood: anxious

A collection of short stories that showcase the astonishing imagination of Simon Clark. These are tales that journey into places unseen, where everyday objects can draw a cold finger of fear down the spine. Here, there are no barriers. A man might step out of his back door to find his garden had been replaced by primordial forest. Or track how the two detectives investigating a brutal murder tackle their case in a surprisingly unorthodox way. In the award winning Goblin City Lights, we follow Jack Constantine as he learns about another London hidden from everyday view: one with its own teeming population hell-bent on trapping the unwary. And visit the Electra Suite, a trio of nerve-twisting stories that have fed on the lifeblood of Simon Clark's bestselling novel, Vampyrrhic. Welcome one and all. This is Hotel Midnight – where every room has a view to die for.